We just returned from some great ministry time in a village about 40 minutes from where we’re staying. It was amazingly fruitful even though the woman we shared with was not quite ready to accept Jesus. My time is short before we go out for some dinner and then I’ll have some time to myself this evening before going to bed early. Tomorrow we start bright and early; we leave here for another village at 7:30. 

We are currently in Siem Reap, a city in the north east part of Cambodia. We arrived here from Phnom Penh on Sunday after a very fast paced 5 days there. While in the capital city we primarily worked with an organization called Precious Women who ministers to women who work in beer gardens, karaoke bars, and bars and entertain men for a living. Precious women seeks to give these women another option and provides education and training for them if they do decide they want to find another form of work for themselves.
Thursday morning we put on a refreshment workshop for the staff of precious women and we able to bless and serve them and hear their hearts for the women that they are serving. We also helped to plan a fellowship party for women working in bars for the next day. That evening we went out with Precious women staff and talked with the women working in beer gardens and invited them to the fellowship party.

The following day we spent the day at the party preforming a drama, I was able to share a piece of my testimony with the women, and the women later began sharing bits and pieces of their stories. It really was a powerful day both for us as a team and for them.

Saturday was by far the best day so far for me. We joined up with a husband and wife who were called here (by God) from Singapore to church plant amongst the people living in the slums. We were able to go out for about an hour and a half and go house to house sharing the Gospel with people. The first guy we met was a boy who was in 11th grade who had already accepted Jesus but wanted to know more about baptism. We told him some more about it, offered to baptize him but he wanted to get baptized at the Korean church he’s been going to….Praise the Lord! He then brought us inside after we asked him if there was anyone in his family who didn’t already know Jesus that he would be willing to let us talk with. We were able to share and talk with his mother for quite some time but she was not open to hearing the Gospel as she had once prayed to accept Jesus and then got a horrible eye infection of some sort and believes it was her ancestors punishing her for believing in Jesus.
I also got to share with a young girl, she was 19, and was married. She was very worried that her husband would eventually find himself at the bars with the women who work there. It really was more eye opening to see just how deep and far the sex industry runs in this country.

The slums were amazing for me for this reason: I love the poor. They are easily, always the most hospitable people no matter where you go. They may not have anything to give you but their time, but they give it in abundance. To be able to sit with the poorest people who live in that city really just solidified for me the great call that God has on my life to love and serve the urban poor.

On Sunday we took a 6 hour bus ride here and since then we’ve been out to a village and shared the Gospel. I was amongst a group who saw a man give his heart to Jesus.
Yesterday was our day off. We saw Angkor Wat and went to the market for some shopping time. Now THAT was an experience.

There have been some many wonderful, miraculous things that God has done in this last week or so but unfortunately I don’t have time to get it all down!

Please continue to pray for signs and wonders, salvations, and rest, refreshment, and health for our team.